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About Our Children

Every child should be able to enjoy being just that: a child. Free from fear, neglect, abuse, or dangerous work. However, many children in India never have a real childhood. If their parents are out working, they must care for their siblings. If the family is poor, the child must also work. If the family has exhausted all other resources, they must sell their bodies. The children at Asha Mission have experienced many hardships and have seen a lot in their short lives. Each one of their stories is unique. Several children at Asha Mission are orphans- their parents have died or have abandoned them. Others come from very impoverished regions of the country where their parents have no means to provide food, education or even shelter to their children. It can be a difficult decision to entrust their child to someone else, but many parents, wanting a better future for their children, send them to live at Asha Mission.

Growing up in the villages of India

The majority of the children at Asha Mission are from villages in Bihar, the poorest state in the entire country. Most people in the villages are farmers, but their nominal income cannot provide for the daily needs of their children. Ironically, despite the bounty of fresh vegetables, rice, and fruit harvested by farmers, food for farmers and their families is sparse. In the villages, a child might only eat two chapatis (bread made of flour and water heated over a fire) a day- one in the morning and one at night.

Schools are much harder to come by in rural areas. Children in villages are not guaranteed an education, and many must drop out to work in the fields or at home. An education from early childhood through high school might be unheard of in the village, but at Asha Mission education is a priority. Balanced nutrition, spiritual guidance and education have opened the door for new opportunities for these children, as well as their families.

Childhood in a brothel

Several children at Asha Mission have grown up in brothels. The details of what life was like in the brothel are not as easily obtained from them, and one can only imagine the things they were exposed to at a young age. Asha Mission partners with a local pastor reaching out to women in the local brothels. The mothers there are encouraged by the possibility of their children being removed from the unhealthy environment and instead receiving an education that provides a way out.

Childholepercolonyod in a leper colony

Some of the children at Asha Mission come from leper colonies. Indians with leprosy are forced to live on the fringe of society, and within these colonies, families try to get by on a meager government pension. Overt discrimination prevents them obtaining legitimate work, so many people with leprosy resort to begging to make ends meet.  Children here are not likely to attend school past the age of 14, as the free schools they attend do not teach past middle school. Parents want a better life for their young children, and because of the hope of education and upward mobility, they send their children to Asha Mission.


The children have big dreams for their future, and Asha Mission wants to nurture those God-given dreams. We focus not so much on where they’ve been but where God is taking them.

Every child deserves a childhood. That’s why Asha Mission is committed to providing a safe, nurturing and loving place for each child to call home.


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