Learn to do good. Seek justice. Reprove the ruthless. Defend the orphan. Plead for the widow. -Isaiah 1:17

Donor Privacy Policy

  • Our policy is to protect the privacy of you, our donor.
  • We assure you as a donor that information about your donations will be handled with respect and with confidentiality to the extent provided by law.
  • Any donor information that we receive will be considered strictly confidential.
  • We will not sell, trade, or share your personal information with anyone else.
  •  We do not sell our mailing lists.
  • We will not send you mailings on behalf of any other organizations.
  • We may request permission to use information about you for promotional purposes, but would only do so after receiving your written permission.
  • You may expect to receive a receipt each time you give a gift.
  • You may request a copy of Asha Mission’s most recent financial statements via email.
  • Our web site ashamission.com is the best place to access information about the mission and its ministries.
  • You may ask questions when making donations and expect to receive punctual, candid, and straightforward answers.


Asha Mission Society
PO Box 61414
Ft. Myers, FL 33906

Phone: (239) 440-4105

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