Our Kids

The children at Asha Mission are loved, and they love well. They themselves are passionate about ministering to others. Our older girls in Kolkata have spent time teaching the young children at our village children’s home. The children take turns leading worship, they choreograph an annual Christmas program at their schools, and they enjoy going out into the community to meet the needs of others.


21 growing boys live with 2 house parents and 2 staff at Asha Mission in Delhi. In 2014, after years of praying and fundraising, we finished construction on a permanent home on the outskirts of the city. The boys’ brotherly love and care for each other is evident in everything they do – helping to serve lunch, praying together, assisting the younger ones with homework, and walking to the bus stop. As mature as the boys are for their age, they also love to goof around. You can always find them cracking jokes, playing games, and telling stories. Most of the boys are at the top of their class at school. They spend hours studying every day and take great pride in the work they do.


20 energetic boys live together with a Godly couple at Asha Mission in Kolkata. They live in a small rented home, which they have long outgrown. You can find them on the roof playing all kinds of games or in their room studying diligently.
10 girls live a mile down the road in another small rented house with a loving couple. They are studying hard to master a new language, Bengali, and they are dedicated to their school studies. The girls love to read, draw and sing together. They have many dreams for their future, including goals of being nurses, teachers, and engineers.


Asha’s newest home is about a 7 hour train ride from Kolkata located deep in the remote countryside. The roads are largely unpaved, houses are made of clay and straw, and clean water is scarce. Most people work as farmers or fisherman, and if there is a school available, children walk for miles to reach it. Because the needs are so great in this community, the number of children in Asha’s care here continues to grow. Most have never had any formal education and do not have any other family. The house parents in West Bengal are dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing place for these children to grow.


“I came to Asha Mission in 2007. At first when I came here I felt very lonely. It was a different place, and everything looked different. Little by little, I began to feel good. I began to mingle with other children. They began to love me as their brothers. Now that I am older, I would like to lead my brothers in a good way. I have many dreams for the future. If God wants, only then will it happen. First I have to ask God for it. When I finish my studies, then I will find a job. Then I am thinking to go to my hometown. There are many people who are illiterate. I am thinking to open a school in my hometown. Many people will send their children to this school. They will learn about discipline, about modern life, and about God. Education is important for people because if they study well, they will have a better life.”