Pastor Babu C. John


Thank you for your interest in Asha. “Asha” means “hope” in Hindi, which is at the core of what we believe and what we strive for in our ministry.

Asha Mission started with myself and my wife, Lijy, decades ago in India. We have always had a heart for providing hope to abandoned and neglected children. We originally began caring for orphans at a time when we thought we were unable to have children of our own. We felt compelled to open up our small apartment in Delhi to abandoned children, and what started with one child soon grew to fourteen in our tiny home!

Over the years, the number of children we have cared and advocated for has reached the hundreds. And to our surprise, when we least expected, God further blessed us with three biological children of our own.

We were forced to move to the United States because of severe religious persecution, but our hearts remained with the children of India. Soon after in 2007, we founded Asha Mission Society, a 501(c)(3) organization. Our first call as a ministry was to open a new, family-style children’s home, run by a Godly couple in Delhi.

Asha has since grown to four homes: our original family is still in Delhi, along with a girl’s and a separate boy’s home in Kolkata, and a home in Malda for girls and boys. In addition, our ministry has expanded to village outreach and pastor missionary training. Although my family and I still reside in Florida, I am in daily contact with our house parents and ministry partners, and I travel to India three to four times each year to oversee the administrative duties of each home and other ministry work.

We are always happy to introduce people to our ministry. If you need any additional information or are looking for a shortterm volunteer opportunity, please feel free to contact us!

In Christ,
Pastor Babu C. John