What We Do


The children at Asha Mission have faced many hardships in their short lives. They may have come from leper colonies, brothels, were homeless or lived in extreme poverty in a rural area. By way of education, access to healthcare, and a consistent source of nutrition, we are helping them find stability and realize opportunities for their future.


In unreached villages, a network of lay pastors proclaims the gospel, serves the poor and lepers, makes disciples, and establishes churches. There are approximately 500,000 villages in India that have never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ. We also minister in the slums, red light districts, and leper colonies where our children are from.


Asha opened a Bible training center in 2017 to meet the need for more local missionaries and teachers. We also host an annual pastor’s conference, lead tailoring classes for women in the nearby slums, and have an ongoing prayer ministry in the leper colonies.